Considerations for your overhead rail system

Designed for versatility and for multiple users, your overhead rail system can be a great asset for tasks at height. While similar to an anchor point or static line solution, its continuous line makes it easier for workers to use (as it requires less training and technical knowledge). Combined with its permanent nature, it can reduce your level of risk and increase the level of safety for your team.

But while your overhead rail system is easy to reach, certify and maintain while your factory floor is empty (or your building is still under construction), a floor filled with machinery and people may make it impossible to reach safely. This could result in an overhead rail system that cannot be recertified or serviced, costing you productivity, time and money.

By understanding the day-to-day environment, tasks the system will be used for, and your specific requirements, we can advise on the right overhead rail system and design for your application. We’ll also work with our engineers to ensure your design is certified from the start, making recertification and system maintenance simple.

Why is design so important for overhead rail systems?

Your overhead rail system is installed and it’s now a part of your every day operation. But if something goes wrong, can you reach it safely? And while your team were able to craft something themselves (keeping costs low), has the design been certified?

Sadly, this is where many businesses get caught out. If your overhead rail system’s design has not been certified by an engineer, you won’t have the required documentation for recertification. An unreachable system could also impact its serviceability and inspection requirements. Resulting in a non-compliant system service providers refuse to touch.

By chatting with our expert height safety team up front, you can avoid compliance and recertification issues down the track. Ensuring that you get your return on investment and don’t end up with an unusable overhead rail system.

Feeling overwhelmed by the procurement process?

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