All the equipment and training for effective fall restraint: Static Line

Because you can’t take chances with fall restraint systems, static line systems are an efficient alternative to comply with Australian Standards.

Smart Design

The safety of a static line & rail system hinges on its design. Certified Workplace Access & Safety consultants consider the configuration of your plant and rooftop to plan a system that will minimise the risk of falls and the potentially lethal pendulum effect.

Inspection, testing and certification

Your static line system and PPE will be inspected and maintained in accordance with AS/NZS 1891, to ensure compliance with OH&S legislation and keep your equipment at peak performance for longer.

Workplace Access & Safety’s inspections services are conducted in accordance with ISO/IEC 17020, the standard that confirms competence of bodies performing inspections and for the impartiality and consistency of their inspection activities.

So that your records are all in order, Workplace Access & Safety manages a database proving your compliance and prompting timely recertification to minimise your liability. Read more about how a professional risk assessment can simplify your height safety.

Working at heights training

Training is essential when it comes to working at heights – both for compliance and for safety’s sake. Ask Workplace Access & Safety to train your people with a program:

  • Conducted by an experienced, competent qualified trainer and assessor
  • Includes practical training on-site
  • Audio-visual training backed with comprehensive notes

Find out more about training – Workplace Access & Safety has courses for everyone who needs to work at heights and their employers.