Cooling Tower Inspections By Workplace Access & Safety

Keeping your cooling tower maintained and running efficiently is extremely important. Just the failure of a single component can result in unexpected downtime which means loss of revenue and a significant impact on your profits. In the worst-case scenario, it can mean replacing the entire unit.

In line with government regulations, cooling towers must be registered, maintained, and inspected at regular intervals. Many cooling towers are situated on roof tops which also brings about the complication and risks of working at heights. Furthermore, the components that require regular inspection and maintenance are often located on top of the cooling towers. This means that you must take care to provide all the relevant height safety systems to ensure that employees and contractors are safe while they are working.

As experts in height safety systems, Workplace Access & Safety can provide a range of services, including cooling tower inspections, to ensure that your cooling tower remains safe and in good working order. Through our cooling tower testing and audits, we can identify existing and potential issues and provide reports together with photographs.
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Work with an Experienced Cooling Tower Consultant

Cooling tower testing is high maintenance. They should be inspected every month, cleaned every six months and require annual certification. In addition, they are likely to receive spot checks from inspectors. However, access cooling towers for inspections and maintenance can be a high-risk activity.

Workplace Access & Safety has a proven track record in auditing and inspecting cooling towers. By undertaking a Cooling Tower Access Audit, we can provide you with a step-by-step management plan that will enable you to make maintenance much safer and simpler. The initial risk assessment will identify any hazards present and assess their potential for causing injury. It will also ensure safe and easy access for all maintenance points so that cleaning, inspections and certifications can be carried out.

As part of the audit report, our cooling tower consultant will come up with solutions for identified problems and put forward an individual risk management plan to address the issues. Finally, if any rectification or maintenance work needs to be carried out, it will be fully costed.

Workplace Access & Safety: Specialists in Cooling Tower Audits

Since we started in 1997, we’ve been providing reliable and completely unbiased height safety services to Australian companies. As a market-leader in our field, we’re dedicated to developing safer work practices. To that end, we’re accredited by NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) and together with Worksafe, Workcover, Safe Work Australia and relevant Australian Standard committees, we are constantly looking for ways to improve workplace safety for Australians. 

Want to Find Out More About Our Cooling Tower Testing & Inspection?

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With Workplace Access & Safety, you’ll get the benefit of 45 years of industry expertise and experience together with a comprehensive and cost-effective services include confined space testing, guardrail audits, and aluminium walkway systems. Safeguard your people now by finding out how you can limit liability and reduce risk when maintaining and cleaning your cooling towers.
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