Ensuring your installation is right from the start

A bad installation is not only inconvenient, it can be costly. A hidden defect could result in your height safety system being unsafe and non-compliant, resulting in your service provider refusing maintenance requests (at best) or fines for non-compliance. And something as small as an undetected bad seal on an access hatch could turn into long-term water damage and structural collapse. 

These are just some of the ways a bad installation can turn into a financial and compliance nightmare, and why quality control installation checks are essential. By assessing your installation, we can help you identify risks, defects and compliance concerns. Uncovering these issues up front not only decreases risk to your business but could potentially save you thousands in the long run. 

Why are independent quality control checks important?

While installers may complete their own checks, having your final inspection completed by the same group could be a conflict of interest. The installer may also only be familiar with particular brands, resulting in defects or compliance issues being easily missed.

By seeking an independent quality control inspection, you can be confident your installation has been completed to the highest standard and your site hasn’t been impacted. Our team can also work directly with the installer to correct any defects, compliance issues or identified risks, ensuring they are fixed before they become a problem. 

Quality control services and support

Our height safety experts have been providing quality control services and support across Australia for 25 years. In that time, we’ve seen it (and advised) on it all. This allows us to identify system defects, installation issues, and potential risks easily. 

NATA-endorsed, our installation compliance inspections can provide you peace of mind, ensuring your height safety system has been installed to a high standard and the integrity of your site is maintained. We’ll also identify any defects, safety and compliance concerns before they become a costly problem, working directly with installers to fix the issues so you don’t have to.

Interim inspection services

Have a large installation project? Our interim inspection service is an essential check-point, ensuring structural steps and design plans are being actioned correctly. This service not only helps uncover any potential engineering issues but also gives your project group access to our experts, allowing them to ask any technical questions up front.

Our risk management services include expert risk assessments and reporting to help you better identify, manage and mitigate height safety risk. All completed by certified risk management experts with extensive height safety experience. Our NATA accreditation also means we can complete on site-testing as part of our risk assessments.

Solution installation inspection services

To ensure your solution has been installed correctly and to the highest quality, we’ll provide an assessment of workmanship and review the safety and quality of your installation. As well as ensuring all the correct parts (and quantities) have been used, this assessment provides a full defect report which will be provided directly to your installer for correction. We’ll also review the installation area, inspecting its level of cleanliness and checking for potential impacts or damage caused. 

Commissioning services

Our commissioning service gives you compliance peace of mind, providing a NATA-endorsed compliance inspection report for your installation. This compliance report assesses the installation against required Australian standards and industry regulations to ensure your system is compliant. Had a risk assessment provided prior to installation? We’ll provide an updated risk assessment showing overall improvements and advise on new risk levels against your internal risk matrix and the hierarchy of controls

Asset registry and online document directory

To ensure you have everything you need for future inspections, servicing and warranty claims, we collate all your solution’s documentation (such as warranties, manuals and certifications) in our online client portal. The portal will also include any QR test and tag information as well as any additional assessments on height safety equipment and systems, overlay plans and solution specifications. This creates an easy online asset registry you can access anywhere, anytime from the cloud.

Use our expert eyes

Don’t wait until your warranty has passed to uncover an issue. Have your installation assessed by our height safety experts and identify potential issues before it’s too late.

Request a quality control discussion

What’s included in a quality control installation service?

Performed by certified height safety experts, our quality control installation service reviews all aspects of your installation – from the install itself through to solution defects and documentation. 

By assessing your solution straight after installation, you’ll be able to identify any potential non-compliance issues, solution malfunctions and defects, or safety concerns during your defects liability period. Our NATA certification also allows our expert team to provide on-site load testing as part of your inspection.

Included in your quality control installation service

  • Assessment of quality control and workmanship
  • Site assessment for potential impacts and cleanliness
  • Bill of materials assessment (against solution plans and scope of works)
  • Installation and defect report
  • Compliance inspection report (NATA endorsed)
  • Handover documentation review
  • Updated risk assessment (if completed prior to installation)

Chat to us about a quality control inspection for your height safety solution, and ensure your system is installed right from the start.

Compliance isn’t a set and forget conversation

Recertification compliance inspections should be completed at least annually (and sometimes more often, depending on your solution). A non-compliant height safety system not only causes costly down-time, it could result in refusal of service or support and hefty fines.

Workplace Access and Safety:

Your height safety and fall prevention experts

Independent height safety experts

  • Independent height safety experts
  • 45 years’ industry experience
  • National certified specialists, inspectors and engineers
  • Height safety advice, risk assessments and consulting

Combining years of practical experience and industry expertise, you can be confident in the compliance and safety of your system. 

From site assessments and system design to testing, inspections and certifications, we’re here to provide expert advice to keep your business protected and workplace safe.

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