Considerations for your plant access platform

Plant access platforms seem simple: an aluminium or steel platform to easily access your plant equipment. However, there’s a lot to consider to ensure your access platform is compliant and safe – and without proper consideration and due diligence it can introduce risk (rather than minimise) very easily.

While getting your engineering team to weld an access platform together seems convenient, its design may not be compliant with Australian standards. Resulting in money down the drain and an unsafe (unusable) access platform that cannot be certified. Your path of travel and access platform usage also needs to be considered, ensuring workers can safely reach the platform as well as remain safe while performing maintenance tasks. And without engineering controls you could run the risk of your roof collapsing under the acces platform’s weight.

From purchasing advice to installation and certification, we can be by your side each step of the way. Guiding you to the right access platform for plant servicing and maintenance, and a compliant access platform you can rely on. Helping you mitigate plant access risk and improve your level of safety and compliance.

What other height safety systems should be considered alongside your plant access platform?

Your access platform may be suitable for plant servicing and maintenance while at the same time be unsafe or noncompliant. One of the key areas overlooked when installing and purchasing plant access platforms are additional height safety considerations linked to safe travel and task completion. Such as:

  • safety guardrails missed in your design
  • no clear path of travel, steps or ladder to safely reach the access platform itself
  • Exposed voids or gaps in the access platform path, causing workers to ‘jump’ or step to next access platform section

If you’re not sure what access you need, our certified team can talk you through the ins and outs. As well as expert purchasing advice <procurement link>, we can help design a plant access platform <design services link> specific to your needs as well as provide quality control services <Quality Control link> to ensure your access platform is installed correctly from the start.

Feeling overwhelmed by the procurement process?

Our expert team can guide you through the process and be by your side, step by step. From finding the right provider to assessing tender submissions and installations.

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