Guardrails: not just an impractical anchor point

A common misconception is guardrails are interchangeable with anchor point systems. While it’s easy to get lured in by an anchor point’s cheaper install costs and smaller roof footprint, it comes with a bigger overall price tag. Increasing your level of risk and servicing responsibilities as well as on-going maintenance costs.

A guardrail is considered a fixed building asset and comes with more than double the lifespan of its smaller (riskier) safeguard cousin. Guardrail safeguard systems can also be customised to suit your design requirements, with cladding-added or guardrails coated to align with your building’s exterior colours.

While a guardrail is a safer option, it does come with design and installation risks – and it can go wrong very easily. Our certified height safety experts can guide you to the right guardrail safeguard system and service provider for your specific application. Providing design, engineering and tender advice to ensure you have the right guardrail from the start.

How can a guardrail install go wrong?

While a less technical height safety product, choosing the wrong solution provider or installer for your guardrail system could be a costly mistake.

From installing your guardrail at the wrong height (leading to non-compliance) to unsealed screws causing leaks in your roof. It’s important to do your due diligence and select a certified solution provider or installer for your guardrails.

Not sure what to watch out for? Our procurement support services make it easy. We’ll even design a guardrail system to suit your specific requirements, reviewing tender submissions so you don’t choose a dud. And once it’s installed, our quality control services will identify any issues before it becomes a problem.

Feeling overwhelmed by the procurement process?

Our expert team can guide you through the process and be by your side, step by step. From finding the right provider to assessing tender submissions and installations.

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