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Need advice? We are experienced in all aspects of height safety and the design of fall prevention systems.

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Assessment u0026 Inspections

Is your building safety compliant? Make sure you conform to Australian standards and legal requirements.

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Height Safety Equipment u0026 Design

We offer a complete range of design solutions manufactured to comply with all Australian standards.

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Discover in four hours how to comply with Australian fall prevention standards and minimise risk.

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The Need for Height Safety Services in Sydney

Many roof spaces on industrial and commercial buildings house some form of equipment, typically air conditioning units or solar panels. That equipment requires regular maintenance, as does the roof itself, and that entails access by maintenance staff.

All such access involves an element of risk that’s made worse by adverse weather conditions and other factors as well as the height itself. As a manager or owner, you’re responsible for the safety of your employees and anyone else on your premises, which particularly applies to hazardous areas that include the roof and other locations involving working at heights. You, therefore, need to ensure that the correct equipment is available, is installed and maintained properly and that everyone knows how to use it. That’s where we, as height safety engineers in Sydney, can help.

Ensuring Height Safety Systems in Sydney

Keeping employees and others safe is our primary aim and that’s particularly crucial for those who are working at height. We can provide permanent solutions that allow regular access to roof spaces and high areas of buildings as well as temporary measures required for construction and other one-off projects.

As height safety engineers in NSW, we provide a comprehensive service that includes:

  • an initial consultation and survey to assess what is needed
  • installation of height safety systems that will prevent or arrest falls
  • PPE items that are essential when working at height safely
  • regular height safety equipment inspection in Sydney to ensure that everything is compliant and in good working order; this includes the load testing of anchor points to ensure they don’t fail
  • height safety servicing in Sydney at prescribed intervals to prevent problems and ensure equipment is always available when needed
  • training in the use of safety equipment so that employees are confident, fully proficient and safer as a result
  • regular reports on the status of your equipment so you know all health and safety obligations are being met
  • conducting risk assessments and providing rescue plans should accidents occur.

Height Safety Engineering in Sydney that Meets your Needs

All buildings are different and have varying challenges. Consequently, our initial survey and assessment of your property is crucial to ensure you have the correct safety systems.

Every system we install is bespoke and uses the highest quality components that you can rely on and are essential for employee safety. Our experienced and qualified technicians can recognise what is needed and provide the appropriate solution.

We are a fully accredited company that specialises in keeping people safe when working in hazardous situations. Using us, you can have the peace of mind that your employees will be as safe as they can be when working at heights in Sydney, Melbourne, or anywhere else in Australia.

Whether you need permanent or temporary solutions, whether on a new or existing building, we have the engineering experience and industry knowledge to install the safety systems you need and to ensure they remain effective at all times. Accidents at work can result in legal penalties, interruption to production and damage to the company’s reputation. Worst of all, they cause death or injury to your employees, and we can help you to avoid that.
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