When did you last check your PPE gear?

Personal protection equipment (PPE) is, well, personal. Just like any piece of loved clothing, users may not see the wear and tear – or the damage – until it’s too late. This familiarity can also cause equipment to be used incorrectly or used well beyond its recommended lifespan. Not to mention they’re often missed in equipment stocktakes, leading to possible non-compliant PPE being used by your team.

Our certified team can ensure your equipment is safe, providing PPE inspections and recertification services on all your personal protection equipment. We’ll even take it one step further and test and tag all your equipment, creating a digital asset registry for all your gear.

What can cause PPE damage?

Due to how often PPE is used, it can be easy to miss damage to the equipment. Damage can be used by general wear and tear, UV from being used in the field, or from exposure to dirt, grime and chemicals. Incorrectly using PPE equipment – or not using the right PPE for the application – can also put additional strain on the equipment and impact the level of safety it can provide.

To keep on top of your equipment, we test and tag all personal protection equipment during our on-site inspections. Our NATA certification also allows our height safety experts to test equipment on site. We’ll also flag any PPE we identify as an immediate risk so you can take action straight away.

Our inspection process

We approach our PPE inspections with the same 6-step process to all our height safety inspections. This process has been developed through our extensive experience in the industry, and conducted by fully certified technicians. Their in-depth knowledge of height safety ensures our inspection services are provided at the highest compliance level possible. It’s also regularly reviewed to ensure it meets the latest industry standards and Australia regulations for height safety and fall prevention.

To ensure compliance across your building, we recommend booking your PPE inspection in conjunction with a full-site inspection. While the most cost-effective option for you, it can help align future inspection schedules as well as helps simplify preventative maintenance efforts.

Discovery and preparation

On-site inspection

Expert walk-through

Inspection analysis

Inspection report

Check-in and reminders

Our 6-step inspection process

This process has been developed over our 45 years in the industry and is used for all our height safety inspections, including for PPE inspection and recertification services. 

1. Discovery and preparation

Your inspection begins well before we arrive on site. Our team will review any prior reports, documents and manuals, and equipment asset registers. We do this so we accurately outline the services and experts you need on-site for your inspection. Working with your team, we’ll book in an inspection time that works best for you as well as provide any pre-inspection details we’ll need your assistance with.

2. On-site inspection

Our certified inspector will arrive on site and begin your inspection. Our expert will inspect and test all PPE equipment identified for inspection, QR code and then date tag each item. We’ll also ‘tag out’ any hazardous or high-risk items that present immediate danger. Our time onsite is minimised by the use of our purpose built inspections app.

3. Expert walk-through

Before we leave your site, we’ll run your team (or building key contact)  through initial findings, high-risk items we’ve flagged for immediate attention, as well as next steps. We find this in-person approach not only allows our experts to provide first-hand feedback and background to potential outcomes but an opportunity for you to ask direct questions. This keeps you across all aspects of your inspection and potential actions that may be required.

4. Inspection analysis

Our team will collate all your inspection results and provide recommendations in a detailed inspection report. The report provides analysis on all your height safety equipment and systems inspected, detailed next steps and any actions you need to take to be compliant. Before we release the final report, it’s peer reviewed by another certified expert in our team. Our NATA signatory will also review and approve the report before it is provided to you.

5. Inspection report & documentation

Once approved for release, we’ll provide you with a full compliance inspection report. This will not only be provided to you personally but also uploaded into our client portal for easy access. To make finding test records and certifications easier, our client portal also contains all tagged and tested assets (including their corresponding QR codes). As well as final inspection outcomes, your report will include recommendations. We can also arrange quotes for replacement equipment.

6. Check-in and reminders

We know compliance is an on-going process. That’s why we set-up automated reminders for up to 5 years, ensuring you know exactly when your equipment is due for an inspection, replacement or scheduled maintenance. These reminders are aligned with industry standards and Australian regulations to help you stay compliant, easily.

Roof Layout Plan

Our roof layout plans are layered over satellite images with all equipment clearly marked out. 

User Manuals

We compile and include all user manuals in the report to ensure correct installation, maintenance and use.

Defect Reports

Easily accessible reports to tell you what needs to be done in order to maintain your compliance.

Not sure what inspections you need?

Our expert team can advise you of any inspection and recertification requirements you may need.
Chat to one of our local height safety experts to discuss your building’s safety requirements.

Why should you assess your anchor points alongside your PPE?

Most often your personal protection equipment is used alongside other height safety systems, such as anchor points or static lines. While your PPE might be safe to use, how it’s being applied with other systems might be putting users at risk. As well as misuse, the PPE you have assigned for your height safety system may not be suitable for your application.

Being independent height safety specialists, our team can advise what PPE you need to ensure a safe and compliant working environment. We can also assess and recertify your anchor points, providing guidance on any actions required to comply with industry standards and government regulations.

Workplace Access and Safety:

Your height safety and fall prevention experts

Independent height safety experts

  • Independent height safety experts
  • 45 years’ industry experience
  • National certified specialists, inspectors and engineers
  • Height safety advice, risk assessments and consulting

Combining years of practical experience and industry expertise, you can be confident in the compliance and safety of your system. 

From site assessments and system design to testing, inspections and certifications, we’re here to provide expert advice to keep your business protected and workplace safe.