Roof access

While working at height often revolves around rooftop work, reaching the roof safely can present challenges. Building owners, facility managers and persons responsible for workers gaining roof access must ensure there is a safe access and egress to work areas.
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Roof Access Solutions for Effective Accident Prevention

Accidents are an unfortunate part of industrial and commercial life and can have disastrous consequences. They are particularly common when working on roofs due to the hazardous conditions. However, nearly all accidents can be prevented with proper planning and preparation and, even if they do occur, serious consequences can be avoided.

To keep everyone safe, well designed roof access systems are necessary. These will allow workers to easily access the roof and move about safely without risking serious injuries or death from falls. However, systems are only effective if they’re properly designed, manufactured, installed and maintained.

Comprehensive Roof Access Equipment for Every Need

As experienced roof access engineers, we are aware that all roofs are different, and the needs of individual companies can vary. Consequently, we treat every job as unique and start with a full consultation and survey that will establish specific roof access requirements. This will produce a bespoke roof access design that may have a combination of components to meet every need. These can include:

  • guard rails that provide an effective barrier to prevent falls; these can be available in fixed or fold-down formats, so they are unobtrusive when not in use
  • access hatches have a range of formats and allow access to the roof by fixed or removable ladders
  • anchor points are securely fixed to the roof and are used to attach lines and lanyards for abseiling or fall arrest purposes
  • static lines are attached between anchor points and allow people to move safely and freely without having to detach and re-attach between anchor points
  • access ladders can be vertical or angled and be caged in or have other safety measures
  • walkways and platforms are slip-resistant and allow easy and safe access across all roofs
  • rail systems provide fall protection and arrest with simple transition from horizontal to vertical rails.

Compliance with Legislation

All the components we use are of the highest quality so they’re totally reliable, weatherproof and require minimal maintenance. To comply with legislation, however, they have to be inspected and re-certified at prescribed intervals. In addition to designing and installing your system, we are able, as a competent third party, to inspect and re-certify so you’re always compliant.

Whatever size and type of roof you have and however you need to use it, we can supply a fully customised access system that will meet your needs exactly and conform to Australian standards and legislation. We’ll also carry out height safety inspections and re-certifications at the required time, so you won’t forget and run the risk of legal penalties. Our aim is to protect your workers so they’re always safe when in hazardous situations. With the help of our experienced team, you won’t have to worry about non-compliance and will keep your workforce safe.

Accidents aren’t inevitable and you can reduce the risk and the consequences by a considerable margin if you install adequate safety systems. Ours are cost-effective as well as dependable and are much cheaper than the cost of fines and compensation if you don’t take the correct precautions.
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Beginning with a risk assessment, Workplace Access & Safety will create a practical, manageable and compliant route to the roof.

Your Workplace Access & Safety audit includes full documentation – contact us to see a sample risk assessment report.

Of course, Workplace Access & Safety can also design and recommend the height safety equipment needed to access the roof, including:



  • Height Safety Equipment

    PROJECT | Officeworks Glen Waverley – Roof Access Required

    The project involved the design, construction and installation of roof platforms, walkways and roof access. Access to the roof was to be provided via the back area in a good warehouse. This involved the installation of an access hatch that was reached via a series of step type ladders, installed at a 60-70˚ horizontal angle, and joined midway using a custom built landing platform.

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  • Bunnings Warehouse

    PROJECT | Bunnings Warehouse – Roof Access Retrofit

    The project involved modifying the existing building to be retrofitted with a walkway system that enabled contractors to traverse the alsynite roof surface and access the roof top plant. A Laserlite (alsynite) roof is regarded as a brittle surface, therefore any roof access installation requires a guardrail when crossing over to eliminate fall hazards.

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