Stay Safe. Stay Compliant with Regular Fall Protection Equipment Inspections

Falls from heights are a common cause of workplace injury in the Australian workplace. While the number of injuries is decreasing due to legislative compliance, increased use of fall prevention equipment and better education, falls from height still account for many injuries.

Although the statutory conditions for working at heights vary from state to state, generally speaking, protection must be provided for any person working at a height of more than 1.8 metres (below their feet). Furthermore, in line with the guidelines established in Australian Standard AS/NZS 1891:4, fall prevention equipment such as harnesses, lanyards and pole straps must be inspected by the user before and after each use and should also have a registered or logged fall prevention equipment inspection every six months.
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Even if you have invested in top-quality protection equipment for working at heights, with use it will deteriorate over time. Not only will it be exposed to the elements and direct sunlight, but it may come into contact with contaminants such as chemicals, cleaning and petroleum products. It will also be subject to routine wear and tear which may result in fraying and abrasions.

Without a fall protection equipment inspection schedule in place, you are putting both yourself and your workers at risk. In line with regulations, you must have your equipment inspected and the inspection logged every six months. You must also ensure that your workers are informed of the limitations of the equipment and trained on how to use it properly. As stated, the user must carry out their own equipment inspections before and after use, but many users of fall protection equipment do not know how to do this.

At Workplace Access & Safety, we will not only perform routine inspections to ensure your equipment is safe but we can offer training to users to ensure that they know how to keep themselves safe too.

Trust Workplace Access & Safety with Your Fall Prevention Equipment Inspections

We’re leading, independent fall prevention specialists in Australia with NATA accreditation. We currently hold 2 NATA accreditations, 17020 Fall Prevention in-service inspection and testing and 17025 Fall Prevention Testing together with ISO9001 QMS and ISO45001 HSM.

With 45 years of experience in height safety systems, we provide a wide range of services to ensure that you have the best height safety systems and equipment for you, that your people have the relevant training and that all your equipment is tested in line with government and state legislation.

Our services include:

  • Consultancy
  • Risk Assessments and Audits
  • Design
  • Overseeing/Managing Installations
  • Inspections and Certification
  • Training

We use state of the art software to ensure that all inspections and registers are easily updated and easily accessible and our staff includes trade qualified engineers and builders. We make it as easy as possible to keep your fall prevention equipment compliant and safe.

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To schedule a fall prevention equipment inspection or to find out more about our other height safety services, get in touch with us by completing our online form or calling 1300 552 984.
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Expert Oversight

Workplace Access & Safety’s inspection services are overseen by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). NATA are recognised by the Commonwealth of Australia as Australia’s national authority for the accreditation of laboratories and the peak body for the accreditation of inspection bodies and proficiency testing scheme providers.

NATA answer “how often should I inspect my height safety equipment?”

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