Designing the right solution for your needs

Your risk assessment or site audit is complete, and the report highlights a need for a height safety solution or additional fall prevention measures. What next?

While your risk assessment or audit may include a system recommendation, an out-of-the-box solution may not be suitable for your application. It may also require additional customisation to integrate into existing height safety systems or for it to be compliant with your specific placement.

By assessing your application, placement and system requirements, our certified height safety experts can design a tailored height safety system specific to your needs and budget constraints. With 40 years of height safety system design experience, you can be confident your solution will be fit-for-purpose and designed to the highest compliance and quality standards.

Why is an independent assessment key to your system’s design?

Just as a chippy “measures twice, cuts once”, we always conduct a separate independent risk assessment before starting a height safety system design. This due diligence allows our expert team to validate details provided in third-party reports as well as review any additional considerations specific to your needs. As some product-affiliated groups can be limited to the recommendations they can provide, it also avoids a product-lead (rather than solution-lead) outcome.

Using this approach, our team can create a fit-for-purpose solution tailored to you and your specific application, specifications and placement. In turn, helping you avoid any costly re-designs or customisation and making sure your solution can be installed correctly. It also ensures your design takes into consideration any risk, application and solution requirements.

Our design and engineering services

We’re committed to designing the highest quality, fit-for-purpose, practical height safety systems you can trust. Our solution architects will assess your system requirements and work alongside industry-leading engineers to design a tailored height safety solution for your business.

All our designs are provided as part of a full design service, providing you with everything you need for your chosen solution provider or to start your tender process including:

Working alongside your project or installation team, our solution architects and engineers can be on hand to answer technical questions. Once your height safety solution has been installed, you’ll have access to all the documentation and certificates you need for future inspections or audits in our online client portal. 

Scope of works

A detailed scope of work (SOW) is essential for any project, and even more so when height safety is involved. To ensure your installer or construction project group has everything they need, you’ll receive a full SOW to guide project objectives, specifications, installation requirements, and deliverables. Our solution architects and engineers will also be on hand to answer any questions that may arise during construction or installation.

The key to maintaining ladder compliance is keeping an up-to-date asset register. That’s why we test and tag all equipment during your inspection. All information is then uploaded into our online customer portal so you have a complete digital asset register on hand, at any time.

System plans, drawings and overlays

As well as concept and overlay satellite plans, you’ll receive structural and architectural drawings for your height safety system. Our solution architects will also provide 3D auto-CAD drawings showing the system over your existing building design.

These can be submitted to your chosen solution provider or as part of a tender for your project to ensure your system is installed correctly and according to structural requirements. These drawings and plans can also be kept for future reference or inspections, easily accessed from our online client portal.

Design certifications and documentation

To ensure you have all you need for future audits, inspections or assessments, we will collate all design and system certifications and required documentation in our online client portal.

Once your system is installed, we will also conduct an installation inspection and test and tag all equipment. This QR asset registry information will then be available in our client portal, allowing you to access it anytime from the cloud.
If you manage multiple sites, speak to us about our Installation Design Brief Documentation.

Engineering assessment and statement of outcomes

If your design includes structural installation requirements, we’ll conduct an engineering assessment and statement of outcomes report.

This assessment reviews your system’s design, ensuring it can be installed correctly (without compromising structural integrity) and the design suits your application and placement. This report will also define any additional engineering considerations we’ve taken into account.

Budget and cost estimate overview

Based on our industry experience and solution knowledge, we’ll provide you with a budget and cost estimate for your height safety solution and its installation.

Including a cost breakdown, this estimate will allow you to start internal budget discussions and business case submissions as well as aid in any solution and project quote assessments.

These estimates are defined by our experienced height safety experts, using current industry and solution data, to provide an accurate investment amount for your solution.

Chat to our design experts

Together we can uncover your solution needs, designing a fit-for-purpose solution that meets your requirements and budget. Ensuring a compliant and safe system that lasts.

Request a design consultation

Not sure where to purchase your height safety solution or equipment?

Once you have a design or solution defined, it can be hard to know where to go next. Our certified experts can be with you each step of the way, providing guidance on everything from solution providers and brands to tender document creation.

Don’t have an expert in house? Our expert team can be on hand to answer any technical questions you may have. We can also be your tender technical contact as well as review tender submissions and schedules.

Workplace Access and Safety:

Your height safety and fall prevention experts

Independent height safety experts

  • Independent height safety experts
  • 45 years’ industry experience
  • National certified specialists, inspectors and engineers
  • Height safety advice, risk assessments and consulting

Combining years of practical experience and industry expertise, you can be confident in the compliance and safety of your system. 

From site assessments and system design to testing, inspections and certifications, we’re here to provide expert advice to keep your business protected and workplace safe.

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