Choosing the right fixed ladder for your application

Selecting the right fixed ladder for internal or external roof access can either greatly reduce or increase your level of risk. And a lot of it has to do with understanding the application and tasks that will require ladder access.

While a fixed step ladder with a safety rail is ideal for workers carrying a lot of tools, it may not be suitable for roofs with different heights. In comparison, a vertical rung ladder may be more suitable for a space with structural building constraints. However, it can put your worker at risk if they have to carry tools or equipment up an eight metre vertical ladder. Then there are safety and standard considerations that can put you at risk of non-compliance if not adhered to.

We can help you step through what to consider when purchasing your fixed ladder access solution. Helping you define the right fixed step or rung ladder for your application, price and placement. With a trusted height safety network, we can also direct you to the right provider for your budget and requirements. The result? A high-quality, compliant and safe fixed ladder system for your roof and plant access.

How to assess which fixed ladder type is right for your roof access?

There are two factors to consider. The first is understanding why the roof needs to be accessed. What task needs to be performed? Following that, the next factor to consider is the roof gradient that your workers need to scale. According to Australian standards, your degree of incline governs the type of height safety solution you need.

For example if your roof has a 30 degree gradient, a roof staircase solution (rather than a fixed step ladder) will provide the highest level of height safety. Gradients of 45-60 degrees are considered ‘danger zones, and installing height safety equipment in these areas is not advised. Fixed step ladders with safety rails are great for maintaining three-points of contact and suitable for 60-70 degrees. However, it’s not just the incline that defines the type of ladder, walkway or platform you need. 

With a lot to consider, our certified experts are here to help you walk through the details. Assessing roof access tasks, height safety system placement, and its application alongside your roof specifications, we can advise on the right fixed ladder and height safety system design to mitigate risk and increase ladder safety.

Feeling overwhelmed by the procurement process?

Our expert team can guide you through the process and be by your side, step by step. From finding the right provider to assessing tender submissions and installations.

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