Workplace Safety Consultants: Preventing Trouble and Avoiding Heartache

Many people have a mission in life, and ours here at Workplace Access & Safety is to make the country’s workplaces safer. Within the health and safety sector, we specialise in height safety and are proud to be Australia’s highest independently accredited fall prevention company.

Working at heights even following the Australian standard is intrinsically dangerous, but given the right equipment, systems and training, it can be safer, and that is what we are dedicated to. As workplace safety consultants, we help businesses to operate safely.

Owners and senior managers of companies, educational institutions and other organisations have plenty to occupy them and while they may take health and safety very seriously, they don’t have the time or the expertise to give it their full attention. As safety consultants, we can take care of that for our clients. Read More

What is Safety Consulting?

In our line, dealing with buildings with high ceilings and equipment up there that needs maintenance, we provide a full service from risk assessment to working at heights equipment inspection and safety training. It starts with a conversation: we need to get to know your business and what goes on under or on top of your roof. A factory, for instance, is a very different proposition from a school hall or gymnasium. Having gained an idea of what issues you are concerned with; we need to carry out an inspection.

A safety consultant will look at the equipment from the point of view of original quality and current condition. If ladders or platforms were installed before you became involved, you don’t know how they were chosen or who installed them. They may have been done on the cheap, and even if they satisfied the regulations 20 years ago, are they still compliant now? We can tell you, and if replacements are needed, we will give you unbiased recommendations. We have no commercial links with manufacturers, so we are independent and impartial. We don’t stand to gain financially by pointing you towards a certain workingbrand, and our reputation depends on recommending equipment that does the job well. If you have budget constraints, we can show you what products would do the job at a lower price than the market leader. We just want to see it done properly.

What does the Word “Access” have to do with Safety Consulting?

When you are maintaining, repairing or just cleaning something that’s high up, first you have to reach it. That is having access, and it is vitally important. At floor level, you might be able to move things around to get at something, but when it’s up there, you need to get close enough to work on it and be safe while you’re doing so. Good safety consultants can spot potential problems a mile off, and when we get up there to check, we will also be looking at matters such as surfaces we are standing on – are they solid.

stable and clean? – guard rails and so on.

As your safety consultants, we can give you and selected staff all the training you need, so that safety becomes a standard part of your thinking.

Contact Your Workplace Safety Consultants Now

Just call us or click on the Got Any Questions box that pops up on your screen. We can arrange a meeting and take it from there. Prevention is better than cure, and in the case of a nasty incident there may not even be a cure, so act now and watch your workplace safety rating go through the roof. Read Less