Selecting the right rigid rail system for your application

A rigid rail system can be a great asset to your building, providing simple, hands-free access for one to multiple workers or contractors at a time. Its permanent continuous track can be customised to suit your specific needs and building requirements, providing more secure and flexible access for routine maintenance tasks. 

While a simple system, due diligence is required to ensure you choose the right rigid rail system for your building and application. With installation recommendations different for each manufacturer, it’s also important to choose an installation provider that knows your specific rigid rail system. As well as ensuring compliance, this provides you with the highest level of installation quality and safety.

As an independent height safety group, we know the ins and outs of rigid rail systems – from how to select the right system for you to considerations for your rigid rail system design. Certified rigid rail system inspectors, we can also provide advice and insight on what you need to mitigate risk and ensure compliance with Australian standards and industry regulations.

Rigid rail system vs anchor point system: What is better for building maintenance?

While both systems provide a level of height safety and fall prevention, the complexity and design of each result in very different levels of risk and safety. An anchor point system requires user training and is a more complex system to use, increasing the level of user risk as workers move from anchor point to anchor point. The continuous, permanent nature of a rigid rail system, on the other hand, provides a better level of safety for users and is easier for workers to use. 

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, the rigid rail system trumps again. A rigid rail system not only is easier to inspect, it requires less on-going maintenance. However, it’s important to match the solution specific to your application to get the best return on investment.

With extensive solution and design experience, our expert team can help you step through key considerations before purchasing your rigid rail system. Our certified team can also complete quality control inspections and on-site load testing to ensure your rigid rail is installed correctly the first time.

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