Walkways for safe, maintenance-free roof access

Walkways are the simple and safe way to access roofs and plant.

Compliance with Australian Standards and state law

So you can be sure your people are protected and your liability is minimised, ensure walkways comply with AS 1657-2013: Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders – Design, construction and installation.

In fact, walkways are preferred by state workplace safety authorities over most other types of fall prevention, like roof anchorsstatic lines and harnesses. Read more about how walkways fit into the hierarchy of controls.


Walkways built to last

Walkway and guardrail systems should be engineered for structural soundness and to preserve your roof’s waterproofing. Some of the key considerations are;

  • Multi-directional non slip surface
  • AS 1657 compliant
  • Independently certified to the Australian National Construction Code by the CodeMark™ Building Certification program
  • No Leaks: Installed with self-sealing-bulb fixing rivets, eliminating roof leaks
  • The walkway’s structure is made from non-corrosive aluminium and 316 stainless steel. All steel components are hot dipped galvanised.

Walkways for steel deck and brown-built roofs

No matter what your roof type, there’s a walkway to suit.

No asbestos dust, no disruption

The support structures sit in the ‘super 6’ asbestos profile, with existing penetrations used for fastenings, rather than drilling extra holes into the asbestos. Air is monitored during the entire process to ensure asbestos fibres are not disturbed during installation.

Walkways for inclines

Walkways can easily be installed on roofs with steep inclines, creating a safe path for employees and contractors to travel. If the pitch of the roof exceeds 7°, walkways are levelled in accordance with AS 1657.

Walkways for all weather

Walkways should be independently tested to meet the requirements of AS 4586 – 2013 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials and have been classified to meet the R10 slip resistance rating.