Get proactive about height safety compliance

Avoid costly disruptions
Reduce workplace incident risk
Maintain legal compliance
Decrease liability risk
Meet industry standards
Ensure workplace compliance

Did you know service providers such as air con mechanics, plumbers etc. can refuse to perform maintenance if your system is non-compliant? While this could result in costly down-time, height safety compliance goes beyond business productivity. System and equipment certifications are essential to ensure your equipment is safe and complies with the latest safety standards and regulations. It also decreases workplace injury and liability risk by certifying your systems are in safe working order, keeping both your workers and company protected.

With over 45 years industry experience, our certification and inspection services provide a proactive approach to compliance. Working alongside our height safety experts, you can be confident your systems and equipment are compliant, reliable and safe.
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Australian Standards and state-based legislation require that all safety-at-height equipment should be inspected regularly to ensure that it’s both safe and effective. A height safety inspection is necessary for any building where employees, contractors or other personnel have access to the roof. Not only is it essential that your height safety system is approved and accredited, but it must undergo regular maintenance and inspections to ensure that it remains safe. This includes all roof anchors, static lines and personal protective equipment. The frequency of inspection and recertification may vary depending on the state you are in.

Stay Safe and Compliant with Accredited Height Safety Inspections

At Workplace Access& Safety, we work with you to create a workable action plan that will enable you to maintain your registers and undertake the inspections required to ensure that your site remains compliant, and most importantly, safe for anyone who needs access to the roof. 

Why Your Safety at Height Equipment Needs Inspecting

Even if your safety at height equipment was installed by specialists, annual or 6-monthly inspections are still a requisite. The safety of installations can be affected by several factors. For example, you may need to have more contractors on the roof for longer periods which may require modifications to your current system. Weathering or structural movement may have affected the integrity of the fixings and, just like all things, wear and tear may have affected the installation.

Cost-Effective Height Safety Certification

Whether you are the owner, occupier, management company or facilities management provider, if you have responsibility for a building where people need access to the roof, you must ensure that you schedule regular inspections. Our height safety equipment inspectors can carry out inspections Australia wide. We’re independently accredited by NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) so you can be rest assured that all our inspection, testing and certification services are unbiased and of the highest quality. Our specialist height safety experts will not only provide you with the relevant height safety certification but will help you to develop your own management plan to ensure you remain safe and compliant.

Our inspection and certification services include:

Since we started our business in 1997, we’ve worked with many high-profile businesses to ensure their height safety compliance. Our high-tech QR coded asset management system makes it easy for our clients to keep on top of their compliance and gives full visibility throughout the inspection process. As one of the leading specialists in Australian height safety services, we’re fully committed to improving workplace safety throughout Australia and work alongside Worksafe, Workcover, Safe Work Australia and relevant Australian Standard committees to develop and improve safety standards, laws and practices.

Trust Workplace Access & Safety with Your Height Safety Compliance

If you’d like further information about the support we can give you to ensure your height safety compliance and to plan the ongoing management of your height safety systems, get in touch with us now by completing our online form or calling 1300 552 984.

In addition to providing height safety inspections, we also offer inspections for other areas including confined space, dangerous goods storage, structural assessment, and racking. We’re fully qualified to provide audits and risk assessments together with engineering services and project management.
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How compliant is your system, really?

Height safety compliance is more than booking annual inspections to recertify your systems. Your compliance can be impacted by a number of factors, including the installation of your equipment, safety procedures and equipment certifications. 

To help you assess your level of compliance and uncover areas of risk, our height safety experts have put together this handy check-list.

Our compliance inspection services

All our inspection services are ISO certified and conducted by our independent team of accredited experts.  Overseen by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), you can trust our inspection services will be provided at the highest quality and in line with industry standards and Australian regulations.

Ladder inspections

Fixed and portable ladder inspections for safety, compliance and maintenance.

Anchor and static line inspections

Anchor and static line safety system testing and inspection.

Equipment inspections

Personal protection equipment (PPE) testing and inspection.

Workplace Access and Safety:

Your height safety and fall prevention experts

Independent height safety experts

  • Independent height safety experts
  • 45 years’ industry experience
  • National certified specialists, inspectors and engineers
  • Height safety advice, risk assessments and consulting

Combining years of practical experience and industry expertise, you can be confident in the compliance and safety of your system. 

From site assessments and system design to testing, inspections and certifications, we’re here to provide expert advice to keep your business protected and workplace safe.

Level up your compliance

Expert tips, tricks and advice from our height safety experts, straight to you.

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