Portable ladder your only option?
Ladder brackets are key.

At times having fixed ladder access may just not be possible. While a portable ladder may seem like the logical solution, it’s important it has a fixed point to attach to. Without it, you run the risk of ladder slippage, stability issues or potential movement as the worker steps on or off the ladder.

By installing ladder brackets, you can greatly reduce the risk of falls and injury by providing a fixed form of access for portable ladders. However, they aren’t a stop gap and should be installed alongside another access system to ensure worker safety. This could be a walkway and guardrail, platform or other height safety system. Ensuring that once they step off the ladder they have a clear path of travel on your roof.

With a lot to consider, our expert team can step you through selecting the right ladder bracket for your application. Providing insight into hidden risks, dangers and specifications you need to consider when using portable ladders. Through our expert advice, you’ll be able to define what ladder bracket systems and height safety solutions you need for safe and compliant roof access.

Why does a ladder bracket need to be installed alongside another height safety system?

Imagine this: You attach your ladder to the bracket and climb to the top only to step onto a 30 degree roof pitch, almost immediately making you lose your balance. You also don’t have anything to hang onto as you step off the ladder or a safe way to pull your tool bag up onto the roof without it (and you) falling backwards.

Sadly this scenario is all too common, with ladder falls accounting for hundreds of injuries in Australia each and every year. Many of which are caused by portable ladders’ stability and how workers move on or off ladders. Many of which could have been avoided with a ladder bracket and roof access system.

To avoid your workplace adding to this statistic, your ladder brackets need to be considered alongside other height safety systems. As experts in roof access design, our team can uncover the right mix of access systems for your building’s roof. Creating a tailored system that’s safe, compliant and reduces height safety risk.

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