Roof Safety Audit and Inspection for Compliance and Peace of Mind

Roofs are open to the weather and can be damaged by extreme conditions, as can equipment that may be mounted on them. They, therefore, need to be inspected and maintained frequently to make sure everything is in good order.

To ensure the safety of employees and sub-contractors working on roofs, you need to have adequate safety systems in place. The systems themselves are prone to damage and will deteriorate with use over the years, so regular roof safety inspections by competent persons are essential to maintain the integrity of the roof and its safety equipment.
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Ensuring your Roof continues to be Safe and Secure

The installation, safe use and maintenance of industrial fall arrest systems and associated devices are covered by the AS/NZ 1891.4 standard. This initially ensures that the systems are designed, manufactured and installed correctly and will work effectively.

As a roof safety consultant, we will undertake a full survey of every roof and ensure the roof safety design is appropriate for that roof. In order to ensure continuing compliance with the standard, with current codes of practice and with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, we will also conduct a regular roof safety inspection that will:

  • look at all aspects of your fall arrest system to determine its suitability
  • inspect all components to check for any deterioration that will impact their efficiency and reliability
  • ensure components are securely fixed
  • load test all anchor points
  • re-tension cables in accordance with regulations
  • check that safety procedures are adequate
  • ensure that everything is still compliant and in accordance with any changes to legislation.

Our inspections cover the characteristics of the roof itself and every item of safety equipment that is installed. This can include ladders and walkways, fall arrest devices, rope access systems, belts and harnesses, line and rail systems plus associated items of PPE. If we find any areas of non-compliance or areas that cause any concern, we’ll report them and give you a recommendation of the action needed.

Regular Inspections for Reliability and Compliance

As a specialist in access and safety systems, we are fully accredited to install, maintain and certify all types of safety systems and components. Every piece of equipment we install is fully tested, inspected and tagged. To ensure its continued effectiveness, we then re-inspect and re-test at prescribed intervals so we can re-certify the equipment as safe and reliable.

Our comprehensive height safety inspections and testing services ensure all equipment complies fully with the latest Australian standards, codes of practice and with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. These require that lifting slings are inspected and re-certified every three months, harnesses, lanyards and ropes every six months and anchor points and static line systems annually.

Our fully trained and knowledgeable height safety consultants, inspectors and auditors are completely aware of current legislation and know what is needed to comply. They’ll ensure you don’t contravene any regulations and, more importantly, will make sure your roof is safe to access and consequently should be free of accidents. If you have any concerns about the state of your roof or are unsure about what you are required to do, don’t take any risks but get in touch with us now.
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Of course, Workplace Access & Safety can also design and recommend the height safety equipment needed to access the roof, including:



  • Height Safety Equipment

    PROJECT | Officeworks Glen Waverley – Roof Access Required

    The project involved the design, construction and installation of roof platforms, walkways and roof access. Access to the roof was to be provided via the back area in a good warehouse. This involved the installation of an access hatch that was reached via a series of step type ladders, installed at a 60-70˚ horizontal angle, and joined midway using a custom built landing platform.rnrnu003ca href=u0022 Projectu003c/au003e

  • Bunnings Warehouse

    PROJECT | Bunnings Warehouse – Roof Access Retrofit

    The project involved modifying the existing building to be retrofitted with a walkway system that enabled contractors to traverse the alsynite roof surface and access the roof top plant. A Laserlite (alsynite) roof is regarded as a brittle surface, therefore any roof access installation requires a guardrail when crossing over to eliminate fall hazards.rnrnu003ca href=u0022 Projectu003c/au003e

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