Staircases for access to roofs and plant

Talk to Workplace Access & Safety about a staircase for your site – undoubtedly the safest form of access to a raised area. Users can carry equipment safely and comfortably – even without a particularly high level of skill or fitness.

Staircases can be built internally or externally at gradients of between 26.5 and 45 degrees. Workplace Access & Safety can also assist with design solutions for other gradients: cleated walkways for less than 26.5 degrees and ladders for gradients of more than 45 degrees.

Some of the key considerations for staircases are:

  • Strong, reliable and built to last
  • CodeMark™ approved to comply with Australia’s National Construction Code
  • StandardsMark™ approved to comply with AS 1657:2013
  • Custom built to meet your sites requirements
  • Extraordinarily cost-effective
  • Tested for slip resistance in a NATA™-accredited fall prevention laboratory
  • Installed by certified installers

Staircases are designed and tested for optimal performance

  • Designed for a dead load of the structure plus a superimposed loading of not less than 2.5kpa uniformly distributed
  • Treads are designed for a distributed load of not less than 2.2kN per lineal metre of staircase width or a concentrated loading of 1kN, whichever loading produces the more adverse effect
  • Read more in the Defender staircase specification guide in the Downloads section

Contact Workplace Access & Safety for a risk assessment and audit of your staircases.

To find out more about staircases and OHS compliance, speak with a Workplace Access & Safety fall prevention specialist.