Making This Country a Safer Place to Work: Australian Safety Engineers

There are certain jobs that, while seemingly ordinary enough, are potentially dangerous, and health and safety regulations are in place to try to maintain safety. But how can an employer be objective about this? While you care about your employees, you probably don’t have the training or knowledge to guarantee safety. Australian safety engineering is what we are all about at Workplace Access and Safety. Read More

How Can Safety Engineers in Australia Protect Your Workers?

Working at height is intrinsically dangerous work but it has to be done, and we can carry out a height safety audit to ensure your company is fully compliant with all the regulations, all your equipment is up to scratch and employees are aware of good practice. This is one of those areas where health and safety cannot be dismissed as making a fuss about nothing. It is quite literally a matter of life and death, and our Australian safety engineers can help you avoid tragedy.

Some Simple Facts About Australian Safety Engineering

When we carry out a height safety audit, much of what we recommend may seem like little more than common sense. Yet time and again we find companies are blithely unaware of potential dangers and how they can be avoided. For example, if there are solar panels on the roof, they will need to be maintained regularly to ensure they are working efficiently. If there is any kind of obstruction, anything that makes access more difficult, you may find that maintenance engineers refuse to go up there – and who can blame them? Let’s not make a hazardous job even more dangerous. We can carry out a risk assessment that looks at access to the roof, solar panels, gutters, cooling towers and any other plant or machinery that may be up there.

The Importance of Stability to Australian Safety Engineers

Height can make relatively minor problems into accidents waiting to happen. Take uneven, unstable, or crumbling surfaces, for instance. At ground level, they might get a place on your to-do list, but you won’t be too worried about them. But if those surfaces are high up where someone has to work and move around, there has to be stability. Because of the height involved, this moves the issue from the to-do list to the must-be-done-immediately list.

Part of our role is as troubleshooters, spotting potential issues before they cause incidents. We will assess ladders, anchors and static lines as well as PPE (personal protection equipment) to ensure they all comply with health and safety regulations.

How to Contact Australian Safety Engineers

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