Facade access

Access even the most architecturally complex façades. Workplace Access & Safety design integrated systems for facade access without compromising aesthetics, functionality or safety with a range of solutions including:

Safety in design for facade access

Workplace Access & Safety specialist height safety designers review your concepts and can consult and identify the tasks demanding work at height and the areas where access is required.

Workplace Access & Safety will design a system that indicates the height safety control for each of the hazards in line with the working at heights Hierarchy of Control, Safety in Design Code of Practice, Australian Standards, fall prevention legislation and the WHS Act.

Handover-ready Safety in Design package

Workplace Access & Safety consultant to prepare a handover-ready package that satisfies your safety in design obligations and makes perfect sense to builders including

  • Scope of works
  • Risk assessment
  • Design
  • Specification

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Facade access solutions ready to go for:

  • High rise buildings (commercial & residential)
  • Shopping centres
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Airports
  • Architecturally complex façades

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