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    Video: 7 Steps for Compliance Inspection Success Webinar

    There are 7 steps to turn height safety compliance inspections from a compliance requirement into something that helps you do your job.

    Hear NATA inspection section manager Julian Wilson and Workplace Access & Safety’s Carl Sachs explain the practical steps to getting value for money from your inspector, including:

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    • What needs to be inspected
    • What to ask inspectors
    • How to brief inspectors
    • How to prepare for an inspection
    • What an inspection entails
    • What information inspectors should provide
    • How to use the inspection information to create action plans

    The webinar was very practical and featured a number of  answers to important questions such as, “how often should I inspect my height safety equipment?”
    Click here to watch now

    Watch now: Extra footage from the webinar.


    Mr Julian Wilson is Sector Manager, Inspection with NATA.  He holds a Bachelor of Science Technology degree in Metallurgy from the University of New South Wales (1990), as well as degrees in  arts, management and economics.

    Since April 2001 Mr Wilson has managed NATA’s Inspection Accreditation Program.  He has been involved in bilateral evaluations of other inspection accreditation bodies using ISO/IEC 17011 and is an APLAC Evaluator for inspection and mechanical testing.

    Mr Wilson has represented NATA on a number of Standards committees including those responsible for lifting gear, offshore containers, pressure equipment, overhaul of electrical equipment and non-electrical equipment for hazardous atmospheres and Diesel Engine systems for use in coal mines.

    He’s also on the Board of AICIP and the WTIA Q&C Board, as well as the ANBCC Board.

    Carl Sachs

    Carl Sachs is the managing director of fall prevention company, Workplace Access & Safety, and a director of the Working At Height Association. A member of Standards Australia committee for AS/NZS 1891 (fall arrest systems and devices), AS/NZS 5532 (anchor points) and AS 1657, Mr Sachs was recently involved in drafting the recently released Standards.

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