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The Dangers of Skylights

Skylights and Laser-Light are a common feature in many buildings, providing natural light and an open feeling to indoor spaces. However they can also pose a serious safety hazard. Falls through skylight are a major concern, to illustrate just how dangerous skylights can be, check out this video of a test dummy weighing 100kgs.

As you can see, the Laser-Light shatters on impact, sending the dummy plummeting to the ground below. This is a powerful reminder of just how important it is to ensure skylights are maintained properly.

Mesh or other types of barriers place underneath skylights are not enough to protect workers from falls. While these barriers may be helpful in preventing objects from falling through the skylight, they are not designed to support the weight of a person who may accidentally step or fall onto them.

If you’re concerned or you don’t know where your compliance is at, reach out and we can alleviate all of these concerns and get your certification on track!