Roof Anchor Points for Safety

Working at height on a regular basis usually requires the installation of permanent roof walkways to ensure easy and safe access to all areas. Where the requirement is not as frequent, however, the use of fall arrest systems such as roof anchor points can be used.

It is the responsibility of every employer to ensure that employees and contractors are kept safe. Anchor points installations on roofs will help to fulfil this obligation and are a crucial part of ensuring there’s a safe working environment, especially working at heights safely. Read More

Different Types and Uses for Roof Anchor Points

We can design roof anchor points for infrequent access where periodic maintenance is required. Whatever their use, these anchor points are crucial in providing safety and their importance must not be underestimated.

Anchor points on a roof are generally installed for two main purposes:

  • to allow access to the façade, such as when cleaning windows
  • as a fall arrest system for gutter cleaning.

In each case, lanyards and ropes can be attached to the roof anchor points and workers will be attached via harnesses so they are kept safe. It’s important, therefore, that workers are fully trained in the use of these systems since their well-being depends on proper use.

The use of anchor points on the roof and rope systems is governed by various working at heights Australian Standards, particularly AS/NZS 5532 which deals with manufacturers’ requirements for single-point access systems. So, all anchor points have to comply, and they must be installed correctly by a professional, with different types and methods being necessary for varying roof materials.

Getting the Best Anchor Point System On Your Roof

Selecting and installing the right roof anchor point is not as simple as many may think. That’s because, apart from varying roof materials, it’s important to assess several factors:

  • the type of work undertaken and the access needed
  • the level of force each access point has to withstand, either as a dynamic or static load
  • the strength of the roof materials and the fixing.

Before installing any anchor points on roofs, we will thoroughly assess your roof and the type of access needed. If anchor points and rope systems are the most appropriate solution, we will determine the best types to use and optimum locations.

Roof anchor points will be fitted correctly and fully tested. We can also design and recommend, rope systems, lanyards and harnesses so you have a complete solution that is fully compliant with legislation and will keep your workers safe.

That’s not the end of our service because we can provide full training in the use of anchor points, rope systems and other safety equipment so your employees can work effectively as well as safely. Legislation also requires that equipment is regularly maintained, tested and re-certified, which we can do for you at the prescribed intervals.

With our help here at Workplace Access and Safety, you’ll be compliant, and your workers will be as safe as possible in the most cost-effective way. Contact us without delay and we’ll assess your needs. Read Less