The Vital Importance of Work at Height Safety

Fear of heights is a common phobia, and with good reason, but sometimes it has to be done and fortunately it is possible to work safely at heights – if you know what you are doing, use the correct equipment and follow all the procedures for health and safety working at height. It is a lot to take in, though, and that is why we started Workplace Access and Safety, specialising in this crucial area.

If your premises feature high ceilings and equipment on the roof, there will be times when someone needs to get up there and carry out some maintenance or repairs. Depending on the nature of your business, you may have chimneys, cooling towers, air-conditioning units, aerials and antennae and solar panels up there, and access to them must be effective and safe. If your staff are detailed to do some cleaning or maintenance, it is in everyone’s interests to make sure ladders and other types of equipment are of a suitable standard and in good condition, and there are regulations and standards that must be adhered to. Read More

You may have had the equipment installed in good faith but rather than falling foul of the law or – much worse – finding out it is inadequate through bitter experience; the sensible option is to contact us and arrange for us to carry out an inspection or audit. We know the health and safety working at height regulations in detail and can point out any areas where you are not compliant with the law and could be putting people at risk. No responsible employer wants to do that, so it is better to take the bull by the horns and get it sorted out.

The Access Aspect of Work at Height Safety

Life goes on and day-to-day occurrences can alter the conditions so that what was originally a safe system has been compromised: maybe something is now in the way or too close for comfort, and you may not even have noticed. That is the kind of thing we can spot immediately – and visiting maintenance staff will, too, and may refuse to carry out the work. When they come to service your solar panels or whatever, they are there to do a job, not to put their life at risk.

Independent and Impartial Advice to Help You Work Safely at Heights

We have no commercial ties to manufacturers, so when we recommend a piece of equipment, it is because we believe it is the best choice in the circumstances. Our sole objective is to bring working at height safety to your workplace.

How to Begin the Process to Health and Safety Working at Height

The first thing we must do is come and check out your premises, to see what equipment and systems you have and whether they are compliant with the regulations. We will discuss with you the options and find the best ones for you, paying attention to any budgetary constraints you may have. All you have to do is call us or click on the Got Any Questions box that pops up on your screen. It’s important, so why not do it now? Read Less