How to Comply with Working at Heights the Australian Standard Way

Many businesses that operate where working at height is involved have only a sketchy idea of their duties and obligations. But ignorance is no excuse and no defence. It will be no consolation to anyone if trouble strikes. That means that all responsible business people must become familiar with the Australian standard for working at heights.

We understand that you have a business to run and there are so many other things to think about that this aspect of health and safety may not be as high in your priorities as it should be. That is why we at Workplace Access and Safety do what we do: to help our customers run a safe operation. We know exactly what is involved in work at height safety and we can help make sure you comply with the regulations. And more importantly, we can give you peace of mind that you have done what needs to be done to ensure the safety of your staff and contractors to follow the Australian standard for working at heights. Read More

Understanding Working at Heights Australian Standards

This aspect of health and safety is vitally important because there is human welfare and life itself at stake. When there is work to be done on the roof or up in the rafters, you need to be sure your equipment is of the right Australian standard for working at heights and in good condition, that access is good, and that maintenance can be carried out safely. Now, there is a lot to get your head around in this respect, so the sensible answer is to engage a team of experts.

We have been in business since 1997 and in that time, we have seen some awful standards of safety that business owners were sometimes simply unaware of. Some had had equipment installed that was not practical or fit for purpose because the working at heights Australian standard is pretty demanding. Unfortunately, having bought such equipment in good faith is not the point. If it’s not good enough, it has to be replaced and that’s all there is to it.

Design Help to Meet the Australian Standard for Working at Heights

Sometimes there are complications due to the layout of a building or the nature of the business, so off-the-shelf systems don’t do the job. We can design a system for working at heights following the Australian standard that brings you into full practical compliance. We can work with you to understand the issues you have to deal with, and our advice and recommendations will be strictly practical; we don’t recommend equipment or systems because we have a special relationship and a good deal with a certain supplier. Our special relationships are with our customers.

How to Get Started to Achieve Working at Heights Australian Standards

Contact us by phone or through the Got Any Questions box that pops up on your screen. We can come and carry out an assessment, you can tell us what you need, and we can discuss options, including budget constraints. Between us, we will find a way to make your premises a safer place that complies with all the relevant working at heights Australian standards. Read Less