Are Your Height Safety Systems Really Safe?

Rules and regulations can sometimes seem like an impediment to getting the job done and running a successful business, but when it comes to a crucial subject such as working safely at heights, any responsible businessperson will acknowledge the regs are there to help, not hinder. The last thing you want is a fall that harms someone on your premises, so if those premises are on the lofty side, you must bite the bullet and get compliant, because compliance means safety.

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Height Safety Systems: Is Health and Safety Working at Heights All About Equipment?

Much of it is about equipment, yes, but it is also about systems and it’s about education. If you have your own staff up in the rafters or on the roof, doing cleaning and maintenance, they need to not just be using the right ladders, they need to be wearing the right PPE and clothing and they need to have good access to what they’re working on.

But first, the equipment. We can recommend what you need, and we guarantee those recommendations will be based on our objective assessment of the options available. We have no commercial links to products, so we will not direct you towards something because we stand to earn a commission. A ladder, for instance, is not just a ladder and to be compliant with the regulations you may have to look further than your local hardware store. Similarly, if your staff need overalls, boots, gloves, helmets etc. of a certain specification, we can tell you where to get them.

An Objective Appraisal of Height Safety Protection Systems

If you are already up and running, and perhaps you’ve been in operation for years, rules and regulations change, and it is vitally important to keep abreast of them. This is not about avoiding trouble with the authorities. It’s about ensuring the safety of people on your property.

If you’ve just moved into an existing building and want to make sure you are health and safety-compliant, we can do that for you.

A third scenario: if you are building something new and want to get your height safety systems right from the start, we can assess your needs and design a system for you. It’s a specialised area and you can’t be expected to know everything, but you will be expected to get the job done properly.

On a slightly different note, there are things to consider such as structural integrity and if, say, you have platforms up high that people will only walk on once in a blue moon, you need to make sure they are clean, solid and safe.

How to Get Started with Your Height Safety Systems

Simple. Just call us or click on the Got Any Questions box that pops up on your screen. We will discuss your requirements and come and assess the situation before making recommendations to make your height safety systems really safe. Read Less