Height Safety Solutions: Because You Can’t Have Half-Measures

Health and safety is one of those areas where you just can’t cut corners, and height safety solutions are of paramount importance. Human nature and gravity have been locked in a battle ever since Australian safety engineers and builders started utilising the space above our heads, and if the old saying what goes up must come down is true, it is imperative that it comes down safely.

We at Workplace Access and Safety have been dedicated to fall prevention and working at height safety solutions since 1997, following the twin goals of compliance with health and safety regulations and the simple, natural aim of making workplaces safe. Read More

What Are the Health and Safety Regulations for Working at Height?

How long have you got? It’s a complex business with various aspects, ranging from equipment and systems to maintenance and access. If you have premises high enough to present possible dangers to anyone working up there, you need to have safety measures in place – but you also have a business to run, and that’s where we come in. We can carry out an assessment’s such as a working at height risk assessment – some people call it an audit – to see what your situation is at the moment and whether it needs upgrading because what was compliant a few years ago doesn’t necessarily cut the mustard now. Science moves on, making better things possible, and rules and regulations follow suit.

If, for example, you are working in premises where the height safety solutions were implemented years ago, either by your company or whoever was in there before you, they need to be checked over. Natural decay plus wear and tear can turn something that used to be first-class into an accident waiting to happen. On the other hand, someone might have put inferior products in there because they couldn’t afford the good stuff – or didn’t see the need for it. The fact is that it is now your responsibility, and you don’t want any avoidable incidents on your watch.

Why is Access Listed as Part of Total Height Safety Solutions?

As day-to-day life goes on, things may have been added to the building that have unwittingly made access to certain items difficult. If you need to carry out maintenance somewhere up there, either your own staff or visiting engineers, restricted access can cause hazards. It’s the kind of thing we look out for as a matter of course, while you either haven’t noticed or don’t see it as a problem. But you don’t want to put anyone in danger, so it is best to be made aware of it.

How Much Do Working at Height Safety Solutions Cost?

That all depends on what needs doing, and we can discuss your requirements, taking into account budgetary restrictions. One thing we do promise: when we recommend something, it’s because it’s the best total height safety solution. We have no vested interests, and no links with manufacturers, so we are completely impartial.

What is the First Step to Take Towards Height Safety Solutions?

Let’s get talking. Just call us or click on the Got Any Questions box that pops up on your screen and we can get the process started. Once we understand your situation and your particular requirements, we can set you on the road to height safety solutions – with no half-measures. Read Less