Prevention of Falls Information Hub

Working at height remains one of the greatest risks to the safety of workers across Australia and the incidence of falls continues to alarm regulators. To raise awareness WorkSafe are running a Prevention of Falls Focus Campaign for the month of July.

As part of the Focus Campaign, Inspectors will be ensuring employers and contractors are eliminating the risk of a fall, or where that is not possible, reducing the risk, so far as reasonably practicable.

To assist WorkSafe in raising awareness of the risks when working at height, we have put together some handy tools to help you manage the risk when working at height.

The Hierarchy of Control

The hierarchy of controls that applies to most OHS hazards sets out the order of control measures, running from elimination to substitution, followed by engineering, administration, and finally, personal protective equipment.

In the field of working at heights however, the law lays out the equipment and systems to match. Read more about The Hierarchy of Control.


Read more about the The Hierarchy of Control




Understanding your legal obligation when it comes to height safety

Tooma Interview Series

Carl Sachs of Workplace Access & Safety recently sat down with renowned OHS lawyer and author Michael Tooma, to discuss the law as it relates to height safety and working at heights.