How Heights Safety Training Can Keep Your People Safe

You know the saying, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach him to fish and you feed him for life. Much the same applies to height safety training, and we at Workplace Access and Safety can teach your people some very valuable lessons that can make your premises a safer place. In the same way as you may have a designated first-aid person, you can have one or more people clued up on this, while we can give your whole workforce some advice on safety at heights training to make them generally aware of the issue and how it should be approached.

Like many aspects of a business, this starts at the top. Senior managers need to know as much about the risks and solutions as possible. You may not have the time to become a health and safety expert, but we can put you on the right lines and make sure it’s something that receives plenty of attention. Read More

What does Working at Heights Safety Training Comprise?

It’s about equipment, it’s about maintenance and it’s about procedures. Above all, it’s about awareness. Thinking about safety and taking preventive measures can save a lot of heartache if things go wrong. Our height safety training will make you aware of the whole process. We can carry out a working at height risk assessment, a height safety audit which examines your equipment for original quality and current condition. If something needs replacing, we will recommend that – and if we suggest a particular brand, it’s because we know that is the best. We have no commercial links with manufacturers, so we will never recommend something because we stand to gain from it. We are completely independent and impartial.

We will look at access too. From time to time, additions to the building can compromise safety because the implications haven’t been thought through. Height safety training can make key personnel think about new developments before they go ahead, so such situations are avoided.

How Important is Maintenance in Working at Heights Safety Training?

There are two sides to maintenance. The first is focused on the equipment that has to be maintained. That could be anything from solar panels on the roof to fans keeping the air circulating. Someone must get up there and do it, and that leads to the other aspect: maintenance of the equipment that is going to get them up there and keep them safe while they are working. Because ladders, staircases and platforms may not be used very often, they can deteriorate without being noticed, to the extent that when they are needed, they are found to be dangerous in themselves. Training will instill the need to be aware of these possibilities and to check equipment regularly.

How to Go About Getting Some Height Safety Training

All you have to do is contact us and we’ll get the ball rolling. Just call us or click on the Got Any Questions box that pops up on your screen. We will arrange to come and look at your premises and then discuss your requirements in terms of equipment, systems and safety at heights training. Let’s keep your people safe. Read Less