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    Victorian facility managers left guessing on height safety

    Funding projects on worksites that senior managers never see – fall prevention – is one of safety’s toughest challenges.

    The key is simplicity: use the risk assessment to create a compelling business case.

    Of course, simplicity can be deceptively tricky to accomplish, especially in the complex field of fall prevention (which is governed by a tangle of Australian Standards, code of practice and regulations).

    In this video, our OHS funding expert reveals how a risk assessment is the perfect tool to plan, fund and manage height safety.

    Gain the tools that you can use to PLAN for an OH&S project, ENGAGE the stakeholders who have an interest in the project and get the program adequately FUNDED.

    Officers who do this effectively have a greater success rate at getting projects approved, which results in fewer incidents and reduced liability for their organisation and them personally.

    OHS, Presentation, Workplace access & safety