Fragile surfaces

Fragile or brittle surfaces which include Laserlite (also known as Alsynite), skylights (domed and flat types) and cement sheeting are examples of brittle surfaces that may present fall hazards when working on roofs. Control measures to ensure team members or contractors do not fall through and injure themselves or fall onto members of the public and other team members are to be provided.

Protect brittle wherever it is necessary to cross over, or travel within 2m of that surface for the purpose of routine maintenance access every 12 months or less.

Solutions include:

  • Fully framed covers
  • Fixed guardrailing – Where it is necessary to be close to brittle surfaces
  • Walkway – Where it is necessary to travel over brittle or fragile surfaces
  • Mesh covers – When there is a requirement for gutter cleaning
  • Control measures comply with AS 1657

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