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Westpac banks on Defender™ Cooling Tower access

Safe cooling tower access is essential for Westpac’s facility manager DTZ. The state based regulations mandate ‘easy and safe access to and about the tower and within the tower for maintenance activities such as safe inspection, adjustment and cleaning’.

After an internal review at Westpac’s CBD site, DTZ engaged Workplace Access & Safety to perform a Cooling Tower Access Audit. On completion of the risk assessment, DTZ were presented with an audit report containing written explanations of the potential risks with risk ratings using DTZ’s risk matrix, images of the risks  and recommendations to meet compliance and eliminate the risks.

DTZ now had an actionable plan to meet compliance and reduce risk.

Every cooling tower platform is similar, but different. Defender platforms are stocked in kit form aluminium components for quick turnaround times. DTZ’s aluminium platforms were custom built in our factory to reduce on-site time and costs, and then taken apart so that the whole unit could be simply moved onto the roof in a goods lift or in a stairwell for re-assembly at the plant area. (No cranes!)

The Defender platforms are independently certified to the BCA (“CodeMark”) and Australian Standard AS1657 (“StandardsMark”).