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  • Tabcorp Retail Stores Access

    Tabcorp has a retail network of 600 stores throughout New South Wales and Victoria. Workplace Access & Safety was engaged to install access to multiple sites over a 9 year period.

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  • Fold-Down Guardrail: Monash University

    Monash University engaged Workplace Access & Safety to install perimeter guardrail around one of their more prominent buildings.

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  • Lessons learnt at The University of Adelaide

    This time the lessons weren’t learnt in the classroom, but in The University of Adelaide’s Heritage Listed building ceiling space as the Workplace Access & Safety design and compliance team’s strived to create a safe and compliant ceiling space access system, to a structure that was never designed for these type of works.

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  • Westpac banks on Defender™ Cooling Tower access

    Safe cooling tower access is essential for Westpac’s facility manager DTZ. The state based regulations mandate ‘easy and safe access to and about the tower and within the tower for maintenance activities such as safe inspection, adjustment and cleaning’.

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  • Melbourne Health Height Safety Project

    Melbourne Health cuts a massive OHS challenge down to size

    Melbourne Health has so many buildings, it has its own postcode. It could be daunting for an air conditioning firm to refuse to service equipment there on health and safety grounds. But when Chillmech advised it could not service equipment on some Melbourne Health roofs until safety was upgraded, the response was welcoming. With 8,000 staff members and more than 100,000 members of the public passing through the doors of its 33 sites each year, Melbourne Health’s health and safety challenges are enormous in scale, critical in importance and well understood.

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  • Height Safety Equipment

    Melbourne Business School takes the high road on fall prevention

    It was when Simon Murray put himself in the witness box and imagined what a judge would say that investing in walkways and guardrails became a ‘no brainer’. The property and facility manager of the Melbourne Business School’s Mt Eliza campus was faced with an important decision: whether to install extra roof anchors and static lines or shift towards more passive forms of fall prevention.

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  • Pfizer Project

    Pfizer upgrades their rooftop access

    Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (the manufacturers of Viagra), recently engaged Workplace Access & Safety to design and install a safe system of access to their roof mounted air-conditioning equipment.

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  • Alstrom Energy heights safety installation project and height safety inspection

    Alstom Energy

    Workplace Access & Safety recently completed a height safety equipment installation project for Alstrom Energy.

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  • Keeping them honest: SAI Global’s ‘five ticks’ for fall prevention gear

    “The salesman will tell you the product complies. Most manufacturers think their products comply but, in my experience, few actually do,” says one of Australia’s most senior auditors, Ehab Melek.

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