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Officeworks Glen Waverley – Roof Access Required

The project involved the design, construction and installation of roof platforms, walkways and roof access. Access to the roof was to be provided via the back area in a good warehouse. This involved the installation of an access hatch that was reached via a series of step type ladders, installed at a 60-70˚ horizontal angle, and joined midway using a custom built landing platform.

A sliding type access hatch was utilised to climb from the step type ladder onto the roof. The sliding hatch was built with an integrated single handed locking mechanism, to ensure that anyone wishing to access the roof can maintain 3 points of contact while locking and unlocking the hatch. Falling while locking and unlocking padlocked access hatches poses a real safety hazard, the inclusion of the locking mechanism helps to eliminate this risk.

A series of walkways were installed across the diplok roof, providing safe access to custom built platforms designed to support air conditioning units. A number of the platforms exceeded 300mm in height from the roof, so step ladders and guardrails were also installed to safe access and working room.

The roof included the use of laserlite to provide natural light to the retail area. The inclusion of laserlite poses a high safety risk as it is a brital surface that degrades with time. Crossovers were installed featuring guardrails to enable crossing without being exposed to risk.

Project photos

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