Employees Need to Undertake a Working at Heights Course in Sydney

Ensuring workplace safety is imperative for all employers and that’s particularly important when employees are working at heights in Sydney. Many workplace accidents result from falls from height and so it’s an area that employers need to focus on.

For the purpose of legislation, working at height is deemed to be anywhere of two or more metres above ground level and action needs to be taken if a fall is possible. The legislation will therefore affect many businesses, not just those where activities take place on rooftops, and so the problem cannot be ignored. You need to make sure that safety measures are put in place and that work at heights training in Sydney is provided for all affected workers. Read More

Providing a Working Safely at Heights Course in Sydney to Ensure Compliance

Working at heights safely is covered by several Australian Standards and Industry Codes that deal with the different types of equipment, describing where and how they should be used. It’s a serious subject and it’s important that, not only are employees and contractors provided with the correct equipment, but they know how to use it properly. To comply with this requirement, you need to arrange for them to partake in a working at heights course in Sydney.

Height safety requirements are outlined in the Work Health and Safety Act of 2011, which sets out that anyone running a business has to ensure that workers are protected from health and safety risks. Specifically, for falls from height, the Act requires that:

  • wherever practical, work is conducted on the ground or on something of solid construction
  • a safe exit from the place of work is provided
  • fall prevention devices or fall arrest systems are put in place where needed to minimise the risk of injury from falls.

As a business owner, director or officer, you must ensure that your workplace is compliant with the Act. That’s particularly important for areas where employees are required to work at height in Sydney since there’s the greatest risk of accidents there.

Work at Heights Training in Sydney | Avoiding Non-compliance Penalties

The penalties for not being compliant can be severe, not only in terms of the financial penalties that can be incurred but also the outcomes from any accidents. These can include loss of business reputation, reduced profits due to interruptions to production, legal costs and compensation claims. Added to which, of course, you have a moral obligation to look after your employees.

We can help you avoid problems by making sure your workplace is fully compliant. One of our experienced height safety engineers will check all the areas where at-height working takes place and will determine if they comply with the Act. If not, they will recommend the fitting of safety equipment that may include guardrails, walkway systems, fixed ladders and anchor points for roof access systems. We can then manufacture and install the equipment, then train your employees in its use.

The subject of safe working at height can be complex due to the varying situations, the legislation that deals with them and the number of methods that can be used to ensure compliance. We have the knowledge and experience to cut through the complexity and ensure you have the protection you need.

Don’t take risks when working at height because the dangers are too great. Instead, get in touch today and we’ll ensure you’re fully compliant. Read Less