Avoid the risk of your fall prevention system failing by using our installation quality control service

Even the best designed fall prevention systems are limited by the quality of the installation. In fact the installation is just as important as the equipment when it comes to safety, legality and performance of your fall prevention systems. Our dedicated team of height safety inspectors can ensure that your installation is completed to the highest specifications, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your system is safe, compliant, waterproof and adheres to all Australian and state regulations and laws.

National focus

We complete installation checks nation-wide and hold all relevant and necessary accreditation’s. Our national focus ensures that your installations are consistent, irrespective of their location. When choosing an organisation to install your system you can do so with confidence knowing that it has been heavily scrutinised to Australian Standards and quality control requirements today and for years to come.

Solutions for every site

  • Working on roofs

    Systems for safe, roof access

    Always ready for use and built to last, roof access systems are designed to be simple and easy to use.

    Solutions for:

    • Access onto the roof
    • Access to plant and equipment
    • Perimeter protection
    • Fragile surfaces covers
  • Cooling Tower Access

    Cooling Tower Platforms

    Cooling Tower Platforms are the safe choice for accessing cooling towers, elevated areas and mechanical plant and a smart answer to your roof oh&s problem.

    Contact us today for a safe, compliant design.

  • Bespoke access solutions

    The complete, customised solution

    The complete solution: customised platforms are designed and matched with guardrails, walkways, fixed ladders, intermediate platforms, lockable gates, access hatches, stabilizing brackets and much more to create a system that is safe, compliant and will assist the way your people work.

  • Worker using rail system for working at height to cleaning solar panel

    Access for solar systems

    Secure, seamless, effortless safety

    With your site needs understood, Workplace Access & Safety will design a fall prevention system to suit with an emphasis on safety, affordability, compliance and manageability.

  • height safety equipment used for servicing and maintenance of H VAC

    HVAC access

    HVAC access systems increase worker efficiency and safety

    Accessing HVAC systems for routine inspections and maintenance can put workers into precarious locations. Safeguard your workers and your business by installing a HVAC access system which allows staff and contractors to easily access service points while keeping them safe from exposed edges, open voids or brittle surfaces.

  • Roof access

    A Complete System

    Workplace Access & Safety’s role is to make it all manageable and keep your people safe. Our practical, commercial solutions take away the worry, frustration and risk associated with working at heights.

  • Internal access

    Site Specific Solutions

    Every system is individually configured to suit your site and the way your people work.