Fall prevention solutions for the commercial builder

Working with you, not against you

Consider us your partner and leverage Workplace Access & Safety’s expertise early in the project to:
> Review ongoing routine maintenance tasks
> Review plans
> Conduct a safety in design risk assessment
> Design a safe access system
> Prepare schematic drawings of proposed access
> Scope of works
> Cost estimates

Workplace Access & Safety often uncovers savings for Commercial builders during the planning phase of the project thanks to an expert interpretation of the designer’s intentions that can prevent costly rework and rectifications. Ask us how we can create a package to use in your next tender.

What we can do for you

Based on the concept and requirements specified, Workplace Access & Safety design a system considering all hazards and risks, cuts unnecessary costs and complies to working at height laws and Australian Standards.

Specialist fall prevention draftsmen produce layout plans using CAD to illustrate the hazards our system is controlling and the location of the equipment. Layouts are markedup to ensure hazards are clearly identified to justify each  piece of equipment.

Financial stability

Established in 1997, Workplace Access & Safety is a market leader in height safety, with:

> ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility based in Melbourne
> its own NATA™-accredited laboratory

In addition to $20 million public liability insurance coverage, Workplace Access & Safety’s many certifications include CM3 prequalification, ISN and iProLive verification. Its client list includes government, construction and blue-chip corporations.


Onsite and legal compliance guaranteed

Australia’s most highly credentialed height safety advisor.

Workplace Access & Safety is independently certified to Australian Standard AS 4801, the benchmark for full compliance to WHS/OH&S regulations. AS 4801 certification guarantees that our height safety inspectors are preparing SWMS and other safety critical documents and working safely on your site.

Trained Height Safety Inspectors observe your protocols
Workplace Access & Safety staff will observe your protocols on site and because we do the work directly rather than subcontracting, we can guarantee our staff are properly briefed for your job.

Responsive and flexible timeframes

We understand that timeframes are all-important in construction and can shift. Workplace Access & Safety will be as responsive and flexible as possible to accommodate your schedule.

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