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    IHEA 2017

    Join next week’s IHEA Healthcare Facilities Management Conference (HFMC 2017) to hear the amazing story of the engineering challenges faced at Epworth Hospital’s new Richmond build.


    Engineers and engineering facility managers employed in the private and public healthcare sectors, from the smallest to the largest facility, as well as consultants engaged in related work.

    This includes Hospital Engineers, Health Facility Managers, Risk Managers, Quality Personnel, Infection Control Practitioners, Architects, Consulting Engineers, Corporate Services Management Personnel, Quality Assurance Staff, Builders, Contractors in the Health Care Field, and all those engaged in Healthcare Facilities Management.

    Hear how it was done from Workplace Access & Safety’s managing director, Carl Sachs.

    When:  Speaking at 10:35am on Thursday, October 12
    Where: Pullman Melbourne Albert Park

    Register here: http://event.icebergevents.com.au/ihea-2017/cost-and-registration

    Can’t attend?

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