Access hatches for roofs and ceilings

Roof access hatches provide safe and efficient access to roofs when carefully designed and integrated with a height safety system. Some of the key considerations are;

  • Easy open ‘one hand’ mechanism for users on a ladder
  • Single-handed locking system
  • Sliding hatches are ergonomically easier to open and close than hinged hatches – even those assisted with struts. Wheels on the runners can be adjusted to suit variable roof pitches
  • Locks easily incorporated into existing alarm systems and keying
  • Robust and trafficable insulated zinc/aluminium coated steel outer lid
  • Sliding hatches that won’t slam shut in the wind eliminate maintenance associated with gas struts
  • Custom design for special needs
  • Designed to ensure full compliance with Australian Standards, OHS legislation & State regulations.

No leaks

Hatches should be are installed by registered plumbers to ensure they are watertight.

Match with hand grabs for safety

Hand grabs incorporated into guardrails around a hatch not only make it easier to move between the hatch and the roof but safer too – all while providing a barrier to prevent falls into the void of an open hatch.

Design Certification

A design certificate should be issued guaranteeing the system meets the requirements of the Code of Practice (Safe Design of Structures 2012).