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Cooling Tower Access Audit

May 8, 2016

Cooling Tower Access Audit

Cooling tower maintenance is both high risk and high frequency. Business owners are expected to have cooling towers inspected every month, cleaned every six months and certified annually – on top of spot checks from inspectors. It’s a high traffic area that poses a risk every time it’s accessed.

Audit your Cooling Tower Access with Workplace Access & Safety to limit liability and reduce risk.

With the planning tools included in your Workplace Access & Safety Cooling Tower Access Audit, cooling tower maintenance is safer and simpler. Specialist height safety experts will develop your own management plan that includes:

  • A Risk Assessment:
    Identify hazards and assess the risk of injury from those hazards. Ensure all maintenance points for inspections, cleans and certifications are easily and safely accessible
  • An Audit Report:
    An individual risk management plan and custom designed solutions to your problem. Each risk is broken down in a highly visual, plain English report
  • Budget Estimate:
    Costed plan if works need to be done

The result is a planning tool complete with colour-coded tables for ready decision-making and project management.

Cooling tower access & safety risks

Many cooling towers are situated in precarious locations, such as on roof tops. Components requiring regular inspection and maintenance, including water distribution systems, drift eliminators and fans, are often located on top of cooling towers.

Cooling Tower Platform with Step Ladder

The primary risk is falls from height

If safe access to all parts of a system is not provided, maintenance workers cannot fulfil their role without being exposed to unacceptable safety risks.

Protect your business

A cooling tower access audit performed by a specialist height safety inspector is the first step to eliminating risks. Call today to protect your business.

Take the first step towards safe, manageable cooling tower access.

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