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Ladders are Australia’s number one cause of falls related workplace fatalities and a leading cause of serious injuries in the workplace¹.

Ladder safety and compliance inspections
Ladders of all shapes and sizes, portable and fixed, are in the regulator’s spotlight after new regulations and a national code of practice mandated regular inspections in line with Australian Standards. Keep it simple with a ladder audit by Workplace Access & Safety.

What the law says
The national fall prevention regulations and national Code of Practice for Managing The Risk Of Falls At Workplaces mandate the regular inspection of ladders. Fixed ladders must comply with AS 1657, while portable ladders must meet the requirements of AS/NZS 1892.

The requirements are in tandem with those of the Work Health and Safety Act for Persons Conducting a Business Undertaking (PCBU) and company officers to carry out “due diligence” and ensure workplaces are safe.
To read the Worksafe article recently posted on their “Safety Soapbox” click here.
Making existing ladders safe
Ask Workplace Access & Safety to assess whether your ladders should be retrofitted with cages, platforms or ladder lines to reduce the risk of falls. Our height safety experts will explain the impact on risk, usability and compliance.

They will also produce a plain English report setting out and prioritising what needs to be done to make your ladders safe and compliant.

A 36-point check
Among the most common reasons for non-conformance are the placement of the top rung and the clearances behind and in front of the rungs. Among the checks we’ll make for you are:

● installation clearance
● damage, wear and tear
● fixings and dimensional check to AS 1657
● suitability for use

A prioritised and practical plan
Based on the risk assessment, Workplace Access & Safety will detail a step-by-step plan towards fall prevention compliance. A risk matrix illustrates the areas of highest priority to make planning simple.

And because our auditors are both trade and OHS-qualified, we deliver recommendations that are dedicated to reducing risk and yet intensely practical.

Proof of your compliance
Whenever your risk management systems come under scrutiny, you’ll be prepared. Certified ladders are tagged on site. Workplace Access & Safety’s auditors photograph and catalogue the status of each ladder using PDAs to build an electronic database that makes compliance reporting effortless.

“The new Code of Practice for the prevention of falls in the workplace makes ladder inspections mandatory.”

Systematic and cost-effective
Because fall prevention is Workplace Access & Safety’s specialty, your ladder inspection will be conducted with efficiency and care. Workplace Access & Safety: OHS purity and real practicality.

Budget costings
Every recommendation by Workplace Access & Safety is costed specifically for your site to assist with budgeting.

Book a ladder inspection today

¹ Work-related Injuries and Fatalities Involving a Fall from Height, Australia, October 2013